Kickstarter Spinpod

Today I invested in a project by Kickstarter. I’m an official ‘backer’ of Spinpod… You ‘pledge’ your amount and if its successful in getting all its backing, then obviously you pay for your pledge.

Have never done this before but I thought it looked quite an interesting gadget. A very simple idea in principle, but one that might produce great effects (GoPro anyone 🙂 )


Find out more about funding this project here: / Spinpod

Timelapse photography at its best

I came across this website the other day. The website itself is pretty poor but their timelapse photography reel is frickin awesome. They have taken shots of L.A. (where they are based) and other places and put them together meticulously in a movie. Their latest news says they are being used by Warner Bros. Rightly so, as their work is amazing!

Timelapse Reel 1
Timelapse Reel 2
Timelapse Reel 3

They’ve used really nice music as well, I think from the film ‘Gattaca’. It makes the showreel seem strangely melancholy and beautiful. Amazing to think just a sequence of photos can do that… well done!