Beautiful and innovative Tube posters

Love these posters from a bygone era. So much more artistic and colourful than the ads you see plastered all over the the transport networks today... Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂 It's Nice That : London Transport Museum shows 150 beautiful and innovative Tube posters. Further posters can be seen at an … Continue reading Beautiful and innovative Tube posters

Ogilvy’s new campaign for Expedia

Courtesy of : It's Nice That : Ogilvy's new campaign for Expedia makes great use of airport luggage tags. Love this clever little campaign for Expedia by Oglivy. Uses airport codes from luggage tags to portray different holiday themed messages. Such a simple idea but really effective.

Detroit: Now & Then Images

The plight of Detroit has been well documented. Over the past 50 years the Motor City’s population and industry have plummeted resulting in a city falling into decay. Detroiturbex is a website created to “raise awareness of the social and economic challenges the city of Detroit faces” through a series of photographs of abandoned civic institutions, … Continue reading Detroit: Now & Then Images