Just some sites I like for their design, their resources or their inspiration!

As there are so many sites I keep finding online now, I have set up a Springpad board which bookmarks them all (its genius):

My Springpad Notebook – Websites I Like



Web Design resources

Web Design Ledger – Great site for freebies and inspiration

Layers Magazine – ‘How to’ magazine for everything Adobe

Activeden – Useful library of resources (both free and paid for) as a starting block in designing for web.

Site point – Good tutorials site / eBooks / Forums etc

CSS / Javascript / jQuery

CSS Elite – CSS Gallery showcasing the best in CSS design

CSS Zen Garden – Site demonstrating the beauty of CSS styling (good for learning)


Useful forum for all things CSS. Site also provides feedback on problems if needed or just feedback on your new site designs. (Source: CSS Tips & Tricks by Chris Coyier)

Javascript Kit Free – Useful resource when learning Web Design

As a newbie to the workings of Javascript, this is a useful site for customising elements on web pages. There are probably other vast resources out there for this kind of thing but this was the first one I came across. I have used a piece of JavaScript called Lightbox on my own website, of which I found here: Lightbox



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