I am not a coder... Never have been. I simply don't have the brain. I think you either have a coding brain or you don't. That said, I would love to learn more about it, if not to write it but to have a better understanding of it. In my line of work, its used … Continue reading Code

Beginners Guide to DSLR Photography

I have a shiny DSLR camera which I won in a competition (true story!) I occasionally take it off the auto function but in all honesty it scares me a little. I really want to learn how to use the beast properly so useful resources like this are excellent... Courtesy of Some really good … Continue reading Beginners Guide to DSLR Photography

A really helpful site… Layers

Found this website today whilst meandering my befuddled way through learning Dreamweaver again, now on version CS4. Its great! Got loads of tutorials for all things Adobe, hints and tips on how to make you work stand out more, product reviews. I don't know how I haven't used it before. It's been really helpful to … Continue reading A really helpful site… Layers