Before & After D-Day: Rare colour photos (c/o LIFE Magazine)

Rare insight into WW2 photography before, during and after D-Day in 1944. Seeing these iconic images in colour somehow makes them seem all the more real compared to the usual black and white stills we are so used to seeing…. Absolutely fascinating. With the way we have so many means to take photos in the modern age, these photos have an ‘Instagram’ feel about them which we are now so used to seeing everywhere. Perhaps thats what makes these colour images from 68 years ago seem so fresh.

These photos were taken by LIFE Photographer Frank Scherschel who was a serving soldier at the time. Described as so:

In color photos taken before and after the invasion, LIFE’s Frank Scherschel captured countless other, lesser-known scenes from the run-up to the onslaught and the heady weeks after: American troops training in small English towns; the French countryside, implausibly lush after the spectral landscape of the beachheads; the reception GIs enjoyed en route to the capital; the jubilant liberation of Paris itself. As presented here, in masterfully restored color, Scherschel’s pictures feel at-once profoundly familiar and somehow utterly, vividly new.

Rare colour WW2 photos - LIFE Magazine
Rare colour WW2 photos – LIFE Magazine
GI's and French people after liberation
GI’s and French people after liberation

Beginners Guide to DSLR Photography

I have a shiny DSLR camera which I won in a competition (true story!) I occasionally take it off the auto function but in all honesty it scares me a little. I really want to learn how to use the beast properly so useful resources like this are excellent…

Beginners Guide to DSLR Photography
Beginners Guide to DSLR Photography

Courtesy of

Some really good tutorials on here too as well as printed guides too… One day I will find the time to become a DSLR master!

Some amazing aerial photos…

Whenever I’m in an aeroplane I love it when you have a clear day for the majority of your route. To see the world from above is fascinating as even some of the most urban areas have an element of peace and beauty about them. I have taken some nice shots from the air in my time, but some of these shots from upon high are amazing…

100 Awesome Aerial Photos
100 Awesome Aerial Photos

I am now going to trawl through my Flickr account soon and see if I can compare! 🙂

(Courtesy of Phototuts website)

Web design – When less is more

Every site has its form and function but sometimes less is more if done properly.

Here are some clean and minimalist sites for inspiration… Having seen them, I really really want a Leica camera, so beautifully crafted!

Leica website
Minimalist website design
Leica M9 Special Edition Camera
Leica M9 Special Edition Camera