The Pixel Painter

Many years ago, my younger brother created a computer picture of the Titanic using Microsoft Paint using an old inherited PC running Windows 3.1. He was fascinated by it and I have to say he did an amazing job. Unfortunately the image was lost but time moved on and he discovered Photoshop... I came across … Continue reading The Pixel Painter

Rare colour film of London in 1927

This is absolutely fascinating. Somehow black and white film doesn't seem quite 'real' but when you see images from the past in colour, it's like a little piece of time travel. In 1927 Claude Friese-Greene shot some of the first-ever color film footage around London. He captured everyday life in the city with a technique … Continue reading Rare colour film of London in 1927

Detroit: Now & Then Images

The plight of Detroit has been well documented. Over the past 50 years the Motor City’s population and industry have plummeted resulting in a city falling into decay. Detroiturbex is a website created to “raise awareness of the social and economic challenges the city of Detroit faces” through a series of photographs of abandoned civic institutions, … Continue reading Detroit: Now & Then Images

Useful resource for Android GUI’s

Quite often in my job we do mockups for mobile Apps. There are loads of PSD and vector resources for Apple products all highly rendered and polished but there aren't that many for Android devices. Found this link today which has proved really helpful for a project am working on. Thanks to Speckyboy Design Magazine … Continue reading Useful resource for Android GUI’s

BBC London 2012 Olympics trail

The new animated preview of the BBC's Olympics title sequences. Lots of mixed reviews. Some people are saying its like the Incredibles sports day, others are saying they should have used real athletes footage but what would be different about that compared to any other standard sports title sequences? I think its ace! 🙂 BBC London 2012 Olympic Trail … Continue reading BBC London 2012 Olympics trail

Bit belated but fitting tribute to the late Steve Jobs…

A simple but extremely clever piece of design illustration as a fitting tribute to the late Steve Jobs who died last week. The image incorporates Jobs’ silhouette into the bite of Apple’s logo—symbolize both his departure and lingering presence at the core of the company. Steve Job's passing broke world Twitter records as the highest … Continue reading Bit belated but fitting tribute to the late Steve Jobs…