Companies House SPAM

I decided to have a clear out of my Company Gmail SPAM folder today. I’ve been getting the odd dodgy email from what initially looked like an official .GOV HMRC email, but then realised the web address is spelt incorrectly in the small print… naughty!

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As a Limited Company, however big or small (in my case, small), my company and personal details are publicly available online. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can use my data to either steal my identity or Spam me mercilessly, which is somewhat disconcerting. In this day and age with data protection being such a hot topic especially with the recent GDPR law, it annoys me that Companies House haven’t addressed this massive flaw! As a business I have nothing hide. I am not syphoning my earnings into the Cayman Islands by any means. My business accounts are transparent. What I object to, especially for sole trader freelancers like myself who are Limited, is that my home is also my office, and it’s just me as the Director, therefore all my personal data is displayed publicly. Companies House say they have addressed the fact that peoples D.O.B’s are available by only showing the Month and Year of the Directors birth date… Well, that’ll stop them! (not rocket science is it)

Apparently there are new laws in place to protect your home address being publicly available but you have to pay £55 for the privilege for each document that displays personal information.

Anyway, I’ve reported my dodgy ‘Companie’s House’ emails and consigned them to my SPAM folder in Google Business Mail, but whilst in there, I noticed I had a whole load of other SPAM messages, mostly asking for money for invoices. All in all, if I was gullible enough to believe them I would owe them £22,225! This certainly makes me wonder just how safe our business information is!

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