Favourite ad campaigns this month…

Two of my favourite ad campaigns at the moment are for the National Lottery and Ikea.

The National Lottery ads created by Abbot Mead Vickers, feature Piers Morgan and Katie Price sending themselves up with what they’d do if they won the lottery, along with with the hash-tag #pleasenotthem

Piers Morgan gives a nightmarish theme pier with everything branded as him whereas Katie Price offers us a TV channel with nothing but her as the star. Though they are both quite dislikeable, I do like the way they are happy to rip the p*ss out of themselves. Could be worse though, good job Katie Hopkins wasn’t available! See links below…

Pier’s Pier

#pleasenotthem Pier’s Pier


#pleasenotthem KTV

The other ad that just make me chuckle and just wonder how on earth they did it is Ikea’s new one featuring lots of mischievous monkeys rifling through an Ikea kitchen. Part of the Ikea ‘Wonderful Everyday’ campaign, the ad was filmed in the Jaguar Rescue Centre in Costa Rica. Created by Mother London, it’s all about rediscovering the joy that can be had in the kitchen. I just love the expressions on the cheeky monkey’s faces when they are up to mischief…

Ikea – The Joy of Kitchens

#Ikea wonderful everyday

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