New ‘updated’ version of the Monopoly Board

Not sure how true this is or if its just a spoof for the internet, but apparently Hasbro have released a modern version of the Monopoly Board which reflects the modern high street of the UK. I personally think its a spoof by the Huffington Post but it was amusing none-the-less…

Modern Monopoly Board
Reflecting the modern day high street of the UK?!

There are also Chance and Community Chest Cards to go with it:

Chance Cards

‘Drunk in Charge’. Get featured on the cover of Heat magazine. Collect £200.
You manage to get an appointment at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store within a week. Collect £200.
Go To Jail. Move directly to Jail. Do not pass ‘Go’. Do not collect £200.
Sue Jail for breaching your human rights. Collect £10,000 compensation.
It’s your birthday! You receive an HMV voucher. Collect £0 from each player.
Advance to Pall Mall. If you pass Starbucks, pay £5 towards their taxes.
Take a trip to Marylebone Station. If you pass a ‘Tesco Metro’ collect £100. Your small local shop then closes down. Lose £200.
You buy a peplum dress with lace insert online with free delivery from ASOS. Collect £100.

Community Chest Cards

Your bank has made an error. Pay them £100 plus £20 in additional fees.
Get out of Jail free card – move to the Ecuadorian Embassy and stay there indefinitely.
You receive a 2 for 1 deal email from Blockbuster. Go back three places.
You have come third in a reality show. Skip three turns while you do panto in Swindon.
Your fridge breaks down. You bought it from Comet. Pay £200 to buy a new one from Argos.
You appear on Jeremy Kyle. You take a lie-detector test and discover which brother is your baby’s daddy. Collect £1000 in child support arrears.

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