Where the internet lives…

Hard to believe the internet hasn’t actually been around that long… (Well, it might have existed in Roswell, but who knows?) Either way, in a relatively short space of time, the World Wide Web has evolved into something which young people today regard as commonplace and cannot imagine being without.

As the web grows and evolves, all that information has to be housed somewhere…

Google has made a website showing images of the tech, the people and locations behind its vast array of sites. I think its fascinating, but then I am a geek 🙂


Google Data Centres
Google Data Centres

2 thoughts on “Where the internet lives…

    1. If you read the blurb on the Sky news website which is where I found this link from, the coloured pipes, whilst Google branded in their colours… DO actually have a colour coded significance. ie Green is air going outside, blue is water cooling the servers… that kind of thing. Colourful though isn’t it 🙂

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