Lomo Lubitel 166B

Just managed to pick up a bargain one of these cameras on eBay for a ridiculously cheap price in fully working order (I hope!)

Lomo Lubitel 166B
Lomo Lubitel 166B

Looking forward to trying out old fashioned photography again in Medium Format as I love the graininess and shadows on the photos. Been dying to experiment with Lomography for ages now so hopefully this will give good results.

This little gallery is someones I found randomly on Flickr… some nice shots.

Lomo Lubitel 166Bcoffee coffee Icoffee coffee IIthe great australian dream pt 4origin of symmetryconvenient
punch lane wine bar...it's a long way...remix...aggregatelast fuelbill & ben make their escape ... (or, bill & ben's excellent adventure)dalwhinnie winery
too many rabbits ...ship wreck coastsparewaiting at jimmy watson'shelixwasteland/progress/reclaim
... it's a long way ...hear no evil, see no evil ...of a needlethrough the eyemeeting greeting coming goingTerminus Hotel Richmond - didn't go inside

Lomo Lubitel 166B, a set by thescatteredimage on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Lomo Lubitel 166B picked up at Camberwell Markets.


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