New York, New York

I had a flight of fancy last week and booked a holiday to NYC for myself and friend in October. I cannot wait as its my first time in the Big Apple. In the past few days I have been adding lots of sites I’ve come across relating to New York.

Comments welcome on sights to see, things to do. I want to experience as much of the ‘real’ New York as I can in 5 days!

The Jane Hotel NYC
The Jane Hotel NYC

However one of the main things I am really looking forward to is the unique, historic – budget, yet chic hotel we will be staying in. I saw it, loved it and set my heart on staying there. It’s truly inspirational! Will definately be memorable! Its got a really funky little website too which is really retro.

Here’s an advert I love. Quite apt seeing as we’re flying Virgin to NYC in October!

Virgin Atlantic (25 years on, still hot!)*

* Completely sexist but all tongue in cheek and good fun. Kind of ‘Ashes to Ashes’ meets ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

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